David Attenborough: the most travelled TV presenter in history

Posted on 2 February 2013
By Gigi Sinclair
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Think you had a good gap year? Far East, check, Cuba, check, Russia, check. Think again child.

Sir David Attenborough is thought to be the most-travelled human in history, with the exception of astronauts.

The anthropologist-broadcaster notched up 256,000 miles – the equivalent of 10 times around the world – while making just one TV series the Life of Birds. Wonder what he spends his Air Miles on?

The anthropologist-broadcaster is Britain’s most popular presenter and the grandfather of alternative comedy. As the controller of BBC Two in 1969 he commissioned Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

He has a dinosaur named after him, the Attenborosaurus (Greek for “Attenborough’s lizard”) which lived on the shores of Western Europe in the Early Jurassic period (195-190 million years ago).

His new TV show David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities starts this month on Eden (Virgin Media).