Creamfields exclusive – Eddie Halliwell takes charge

Posted on 25 June 2010
By Norman Parker
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Dance hero Eddie Halliwell has told how he would set up a mud wrestling pit for the gorgeous girls at Creamfields if he was in charge.

The superstar DJ is set to play bring his high energy set to the Cream tent at the UK’s best festival this August bank holiday, where he will showcase his unique and famed ED-IT skills for the masses.

When asked what he would do if he was given his own arena in Creamfields to do what he wanted, he said: “I wouldn’t mind setting up a mud wrestling pit. That would be good. Girls only of course.”

The Wigan-born DJ extraordinaire has been busy jet setting all over the world living the riotous DJ lifestyle only mere mortals like ourselves could dream of, see Kevin and Perry Go Large.

But Halliwell says the life is not as rock-and-roll and hedonistic as it seems from the outside.

In an exclusive interview with Purple Revolver Halliwell said: “I am always travelling to be honest. It’s a rarity I stay in one place long enough to stop and enjoy it all.

“It has to be a conscious decision when I want some down time to go out with the lads- I am so busy working.”

DJ’ing and playing live is Halliwell’s main focus at this juncture of his life with a residency at Cream’s night in Amnesia this summer and dates all over the world coming up.

See Creamfields website for more info on Halliwell and the full line-up

And stay tuned to Purple Revolver for more from our candid chat with the one and only Eddie Halliwell during the week.