Creamfields 2009 – Live Sunday Round-Up

Posted on 30 August 2009
By Hugh O'Connell
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Greetings from Day Two at Creamfields 2009. We’ll once again be keeping you up to date with all the latest news and gossip from backstage at the festival.

We hope to get some of the footage we got yesterday online today including the fantastic Scottish flag flashmob during Mylo’s set.

As well as that we hope to bring you fresh interviews with some of the biggest stars headlining the second day.

Their is much anticipation ahead of Dizzee Rascal’s Creamfields debut. Paul Van Dyk, Annie Mac and Basement Jaxx are also up later on.

We’re hoping to speak to Laidback Luke, Ferry Corsten, Basement Jaxx, Aeroplane, and Sander Van Doorn throughout the day.

If you’ve any questions for these artists or any comments at all please leave them below and keep refreshing this page for the latest!


9.30pm – David Guetta story CORRECTED! Apologies for the false information. He DID RE-EMERGE to play a full set last night and aren’t we all glad that was the case!

Good night!

9.11pm – Internet here decided to go down for a few hours but back online now having interviewed James Barton from Cream and Sander Van Doorn earlier this evening.

Sander was one of the happiest and most enthusiastic artists we’ve spoken to all weekend.

The rain is now pouring down and the muck is everywhere but that hasn’t dampened the mood.

We’re just back from Dizzee Rascal’s bonkers set on main stage where Calvin Harris joined him for ‘Dance Wiv’ Me’ as well ‘Holiday’ where, without anything to sing, he looked decidedly out of place but the crowd loved his dad dancing!

There were lights, fireworks and confetti for ‘Bonkers’ to finish the set.

Basement Jaxx, having refused any media interviews, are now the final act on main stage but we’re off to check out DeadMau5 on the Mixmag Terrace.

We will have loads of video to upload throughout next week so stay tuned!

6.45pm – Just been out to see the fabulous 2manyDJs on the main stage and Aeroplane on the Mixmag Terrace who will be disappointed with a poor turn out with the rain now pouring down.

Cream CEO James Barton will be speaking to us shortly. We’ll be getting his views on how the festival has gone so far.

5pm – Just back from a very wet main stage where Calvin Harris thrilled the Creamfields faithful.

“My stage talk is shite,” said the Scotsman at the beginning but there was no doubting the quality of his music as the fans lapped it up in their thousands.

The Purple Revolver Scottish flag flashmob once again went down a storm and even as the rain poured down the enthusiasm wasn’t lacking.

2many DJs are next on main stage before Dizzee Rascal at 8pm.

We’re hoping to speak to Calvin Harris in the next hour. We’ll also have an interview with Ferry Corsten. Please post any questions below.

4pm – Off to watch Calvin Harris do his thing and hopefully set up another Scottish flash mob at front of the main stage. Watch out for pictures coming soon!

3.43pm – Just spoken to Laidback Luke who was buzzing after his set in the Subliminal Sessions tent.

The tent had to be closed off to people such was the interest in Luke who won’t have time to stick around for the main acts tonight.

Calvin Harris will be speaking to the press after his 4pm set so hopefully we can grab a word with him.

2.41 – Lots of rumours flying around about David Guetta’s set last night or rather lack of.

There was no pepper spray or CS gas sprayed at fans just purely and simply too many people trying to get in to see the French DJ’s set.

Crowd control and police took the decision to clear the Cream tent and Guetta, who was about 20 minutes into his set, was forced to cancel the rest of it.

That is the official line from Cream anyway. Was anyone there who saw different? Leave comments below.

2.33pm – Time seems to fly here at the press office. Laidback Luke interview coming up in 25 minutes.

If you’ve any questions for him leave them in the comment section below.

Still grey clouds above. May not see the sun again today but we’re all looking forward to the music.

Dirty Vegas are on main stage in a few minutes. All the music will be finished by 11 tonight.

1.49pm – The news of the deaths of two girls on their way to Creamfields last night has shocked us all here at the press office.

Been busy uploading stories and pictures from last night and preparing for an interview with Laidback Luke.

Dizzee Rascal will finish with Bonkers and Holiday on main stage tonight. Annie Mac will have confetti cannons and DeadMau5 is promising ten silver jets and fireworks!

Lots to look forward to then.

12.38pm – Just arrived on site. The press office is once again packed out. Who knew you could fit so much equipment and so many people in one tiny portakabin!?

Much anticipation ahead of Calvin Harris at 4pm and Dizzee Rascal at 8pm on main stage.

Hoping to speak to Calvin Harris if he has some time for us.

Also hoping to get some video from yesterday uploaded in the next few hours. Watch this space!