Creamfields 2009 – LIVE Saturday Round-Up

Posted on 29 August 2009
By Hugh O'Connell
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We are coming to you live from Creamfields 2009 where we’ll be keeping you up to date with live blogging and video from backstage and around the arena.

We’ll be speaking to Burn The Negative, Filthy Dukes, Friendly Fires this afternoon and hopefully many more as we head into the evening and late night.

Keeping checking back and refreshing this page for the latest updates. Leave any comments or questions below.


8.40pm – Mylo has just completed an awesome set on main stage with the Purple Revolver Scottish flag flashmob going down a storm.

The Scottish DJ had the St Andrew’s cross draped across his decks throughout the set as he thrilled the Creamfields faithful who are now numbering some 20,000 at main stage.

Many up the front had their flags out in force.

Now, thousands more are filing towards the main stage for the headline act, Tiesto who goes on at 9pm before the party evaporates into the tents until 4am.

More live updates tomorrow with interviews, video and more! We’re off for a well earned drink and DJ Tiesto!

6pm – Just back from a trek around the festival area catching up with some fans.

Lots of crazy outfits and even crazier people with the arena filling up bit by bit.

One man professed an undying love for Soccer Saturday’s Jeff Stelling. Despite having a pale complexion and red hair he also reckoned he looked like Dizzee Rascal who is on tomorrow.

Some problems with video connections and access to YouTube means we can’t upload video today but we hope to fix that for tomorrow.

Hoping to interview Erol Alkan, Filthy Dukes and Boys Noise in a little while. If you’ve any questions for them, leave your comments below.

4.30pm – Just been interviewing Friendly Fires who weren’t too fussed by the demise of Oasis, saying nothing they had made since their first two albums had been any good.

The band are just coming off the back of a blistering performance at Reading last night but are keen to top it tonight at the Mixmag Terrace at around 10pm.

Off now to gauge the views of fans in the arena as the music gets underway.

3.05pm – Just been out to main stage where they are putting the finishing touches to the arena.

They expect to finish there by midnight but the party will carry on in the tents and other stages until 4am.

2.15pm – Next interview is Friendly Fires at 4pm. If you’ve any questions for them, leave a comment below.

2pm – Just interviewed Burn The Negative who are on main stage at 5pm now.

They said they’re looking forward to Creamfields more than Glastonbury.

Sun is out which is always good news!

1.30pm – Getting ready to interview Burn The Negative who are first up on Main Stage this afternoon at 4.30pm. If you’ve any questions for them or any questions to ask any other artists, leave a comment below!

12.50pm – After negotiating the traffic, we’ve arrived at Creamfields 2009. The sun is trying desperately to break through the clouds but rain is forecast.

Just set up base at the press office. Bit cramped but we hope to be able to upload some videos and pictures from the festival throughout the day so keep checking back here.