Cream exclusive- Eddie Halliwell talks technology

Posted on 28 June 2010
By Martin Higgins
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Dance supremo Eddie Halliwell has spoke about the influence of new technology and the future of DJ’ing in a candid interview with Purple Revolver.

When asked the ways in which DJ’s have had to adapt and evolve with the introduction of new music technology and whether he embraces it Halliwell said, “DJ’ing sort of plateaud with Vinyl, there are only so many things you can do and vinyl had its limitations.”

“When the transition happened from Vinyl to CD, so many doors were opened- it was a really exciting time for DJ’s and I like to keep my finger on the pulse now for any new pieces of kit that are introduced. As I say you have to evolve with the times or risk being left behind.”

Halliwell also revealed that there was originally a great deal of conflict when the DJ world went digital as many audiences were reluctant to accept the new format.

Vinyl had become a central part of a DJ’s identity and when it became obsolete and out-moded, fans of dance music were stricken with a sense of loss.

The Wigan born DJ said, “It was difficult at first introducing the digital stuff, some audiences were reluctant to accept the changeover. I didn’t want it to go over audiences heads, but gradually it was accepted and now its just the norm. Better sound quality, better everything.”

On the future of DJ’ing Halliwell concluded, “It is only a matter of time before something else comes out that revolutionises DJ’ing again, so there are exciting times ahead.”

Advances in equipment have allowed Halliwell to pioneer his new ED-IT technique and he will be showcasing his talents at this year’s Creamfields festival in the Cream tent.

The technophile Halliwell said, “I developed ED-IT, which stands for Edit DJ’ing Integrated Technology, as a new platform with new equipment, so it was quite cutting edge.”

Halliwell is always looking to add more to his set saying, “I will be playing an exclusive ED-IT set at Creamfields this year and I want it to be a visual experience as much as anything, so we have got a lightshow synchronised to the audio. It should be a great show all round.”

To tickets to see Eddie Halliwell at Creamfields and for full line-up details go to the official site: