Converge wait for the ‘Axe To Fall’

Posted on 12 September 2009
By Hugh O'Connell
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Veteran American metal band Converge will release their long anticipated new album ‘Axe To Fall’ next month.

Considered one of the most important and influential punk/hardcore metal bands ever, Converge have made what has been described as the “most aggressive album of the year.”

Guitarist Kurt Ballou, whose style has defined the sound of the band, took over production duties in his own GodCity studios in the band’s hometown of Salem, Massachusetts.

The off-time, polyrhythmic drumming from Ben Koller meets Ballou’s lightning fast riffs as bassist Nate Newton provides a pummeling backbone and vocalist Jacob Bannon takes command with menacing growls on the opener ‘Dark Horse’ and right through the album.

Perhaps the heaviest music Converge have ever recorded, the foursome invited a host of friends to contribute to the album resulting in a wall of metal-infused hardcore.

Axe To Fall will be released on October 19 via Epitaph (vinyl on Deathwish)

‘Axe To Fall’ Tracklisting:
1. Dark Horse
2. Reap What You Sow
3. Axe To Fall
4. Effigy
5. Worms Will Feed
6. Wishing Well
7. Damages
8. Losing Battle
9. Dead Beat
10. Cutter
11. Slave Driver
12. Cruel Bloom
13. Wretched World