Coney Island pictorial. Old and New glories

Posted on 27 November 2010
By Michael Marquand
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Coney Island is arguably as central to New York’s history as Central Park or the Empire State building, but many native New Yorkers have not even visited the once magnificent beach resort.

Coney has often been labelled ‘The Birthplace of Summer,’ and at an hour’s subway ride away from lower Manhattan has been a calming retreat for almost a century.

Recent re-development revisions were fought tooth and nail by the public, allowing Coney Island to retain its original charm. Coney is equal parts Carnival, Beach and Amusement Park.

Home to the infamous freakshow, the Mermaid Parade, Burlesque at the beach, and the annual Nathans’ Hot Dog eating contest.

The southern coast of Brooklyn is home to a wonderful cast of characters that are hard to find elsewhere in the world or even New York City.

Coney Island is big, dirty, colorful, hot, ridiculous, inspiring, and like no place else on earth.

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