Coldplay: Mylo Xyloto to be title of new album

Posted on 13 August 2011
By Richard Lewis
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Coldplay have revealed that their new album will be titled Mylo Xyloto and will hit the shelves on October 24th.

The first single from the LP has been confirmed as Paradise, which is released on September 12th.

The band have yet to confirm whether recent single Every Teardrop is a Waterfall or any of the new songs the band premiered at Glastonbury are on the record.

The album will be available on digital, CD and vinyl formats as well as a collectable special limited edition pop up version which features a hardback book including graffiti art designed by David A. Carter.

The set will also include vinyl and CD formats plus exclusive content including photographs, the band’s personal notebooks and extracts from the studio diary.

The graffiti strewn artwork meanwhile has attracted comment online for its similarities to the artwork from U2’s Achtung Baby LP and its accompanying album Zooropa.

The band have again worked with former Roxy Music member Brian Eno, best known for his ambient works and his production alongside Daniel Lanois for U2.

Eno is credited with ‘additional composition’ on the album, with production duties handled by Marcus Dravs, Daniel Green and Rik Simpson.

Frontman Chris Martin said that Eno wrote to the band, spurring them to top 2008’s Viva La Vida.

Talking to US music trade publication Billboard he stated, ‘When we finished Viva La Vida we were all feeling pretty pleased with ourselves when it was like Number One or whatever.’

‘Then Brian Eno wrote to us and said, ‘Dear Coldplay I really think we’ve made a good record here. But I do think we can do a lot better, and I feel we all need to get back to work as soon as possible.’

The singer also spoke of how the album may possibly be the band’s last, saying, ‘I always feel like each record is our last, but at the moment I’m in the stage where I really mean it.

‘I just can’t imagine how we would do another one, because we’ve thrown everything into it. When it’s finished, we won’t have been able to put more work into it, which I guess is the only thing we can really do.’

When asked if the band wrote and recorded with a certain audience in mind, Martin responded somewhat bizarrely, ‘We don’t make it for us, we don’t make it to sell millions, we don’t make it to answer critics or anything.

‘We make it so that if you’re in a store and you buy our record, or a ticket, like a good sandwich, you go, ‘That’s good!’ That’s all it is.’’

The album’s strange title has also prompted much debate online.

The cryptic moniker has generated huge interest with various theories offered as explanation.

One is that the name is derived from Xylocaine xylotox, a drug which can be used as a local anesthetic.

Another is that the band are emulating The Police, who released an album entitled Zenyatta Mondatta.

Additionally there are theories that xylo is short for xylophone, the two words are an anagram, or possibly a mmemonic for a longer title.

The band posted a note on their website to avoid confusion pronouncing the title saying, ‘P.S. It is pronounced MY-lo ZY-letoe.’

A rumoured title for the album had been M-Xylobrytes, which can be seen scrawled in the artwork.