Chase and Status – No More Idols – who’s going to blow up

Posted on 12 August 2011
By Pierce King
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Chase and Status have been tearing up the festival circuit after gifting us one of the most exciting albums to emerge from the shadows of the underground for many years.

We watched the dynamic duo of Dubstep at Kendal Calling and will be front centre stage at Bingley Festival to see them in action. Their live show is off the hook – get to it.

We caught up with Will Kennard aka ‘Status’ as he told us which peeps they are tuned into and who’s poised to send shockwaves through the music world.

Will gave props to the unsung heroes from their No More Idols album such as Maverick Sabre and Liam Bailey aswell as tipping us off about upcoming US rapper Yellawolf.

Will said: “There’s a lot of exciting musicians to watch out for at the moment.

“Keep your eyes peeled for 16 Bit on our label (MTA Records) they are set to tear up Dubstep.
16 Bit –

“Maverick Sabre – lots of cool dubstep vocals, this guy has a unique voice and is on the money, we expect big things from him.

“Nero – they are building a huge arena sound and you all know about them, but you should keep your ear tuned to them as they’re bringing a new depth to the sound.

“Liam Bailey – he’s a great singer in the traditional sense, but he’s also an hilarious dude who has us cracked up when were away performing. He’s going to be massive. His new EP Its Not The Same is an incredible debut.

“Yellawolf – this dude has been signed by Eminem and is pretty cool. We’ve been listening to him since the start of the year.”

Photos of Will Kennard by Ash Williams Photography