Chase and Status exclusive – Blind Faith – illegal rave director lost the plot

Posted on 24 January 2011
By Andy Johnson
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Chase and Status are back on the bass today with the release of new single Blind Faith featuring the soulful vocals of Liam Bailey.

All this week on Purple Revolver we will be taking an in depth and dub look at the dynamic duo ahead of their eagerly anticipated second album No More Idols out on Jan 31.

We caught up with Will Kennard at Mercury Records HQ in London to grill him bout the upcoming release.

Saul Milton was recovering from a severe case of Magnetic Man flu, but we will be catching up with the Beatles of Bass again during their UK tour in March.

You can watch the amazing 20-year timewarp video for Blind Faith here as Will breaks down the method to madness of director Daniel Wolfe (30-somethings beware – intense nostalgia for warehouse raves, puffa jackets and glo sticks ahead)…

Describing his concerns about the sanity of the director Will said at several points they throught he’d lost the plot as he banned everything post ’91 from the set.

He said: “The director Dan Wolfe is a crazy genius and we have nothing but mad respect for him.

“He only used equipment from 1991 or earlier – hand held cannon camcorders – proper crap ones, we were really nervous when saw the inital footage – because the quality was rubbish.

“And he only wanted tunes from 1991 played during filming, I thought he was off his nut.

“We brought down some records and were going to play some dub, but he insisted on us only spinning tunes from ’91 ~ it was like a timewarp.

“But Dan said that people danced differently back then than they do to dubstep – it was all very much hands in the air euphoric back then compared to the moves born out of dub.

“He spent three days auditioning for ravers and making advanced notes about their movements.

“You can see all the people in the video are really off their face with their eyeballs dilated – its all obsessively authentic.

“My favourite bit is the guy doing the Prodigy dance. No matter where you went back then, there was always some dude off his cake dancing on his own in a room.

“The clothes in the video are amazing too, they put a lot of work into finding them. We took some gear from our wardrobe down to the shoot, but it was from ’95 and ’97 and Dan wouldn’t have it.

“We thought he’d lost the plot. But the clothes he put us in and Saul’s curtains worked.

“It was worrying during filming, because I wasn’t sure Dan was in control of the video – he was chain smoking and going a frantic – but it’s all part of his genius and that’s why the video turned out so well.”

Stay tuned for more Chase and Status features this week including their top peeps to watch out for in 2011.

Photos by Ash Williams photography

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