Captain America: Civil War – Team Iron Man

Posted on 7 May 2016
By Alex Green
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With Captain America: Civil War lighting up our screens it’s time to choose a side. Here’s how team Iron Man is shaping up;

Tony Stark/Iron Man

It’s no secret that Cap and Iron Man have their differences, so it’s no surprise that they would both take opposite sides in such a sensitive matter.

Tony Stark, like his comic self, is all for superhero registration and comes face to face with Captain America when the two differ on the matter.

This film has been stressed to still be a Captain America film first and foremost and not just another Avengers film so it’s likely that Tony will play a significant role but won’t be made to be completely central to the story.

However, he does have a personal reason for wanting to take down Cap’s team in the form of The Winter Soldier/Bucky, who was confirmed to have killed Tony’s father, Howard Stark.

One of the best things about the Civil War idea is that there’s no real villain amongst the Avengers as it’s all opinion and personal belief. As it’s a Captain America film, some might be mistaken for thinking Tony is the villain but we know his own personal reasons for taking opposite sides to Cap so both sides of the story need to be heard.

Robert Downey Jr has been confirmed to appear in 2017s Spider-Man: Homecoming so we know he walks out of Civil War in one piece, however, where he will be mentally after such an event will be difficult to predict.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Natasha’s choice to choose Team Iron Man certainly raised a few eyebrows when the two teams were announced. Whilst neither really edging towards either side in the past, she has often sided with Cap, most notably with the Winter Soldier fight.

It’s likely we will see exactly why she chose to side with the government and Tony in the film though with rumours of a double agent in the field, Widow would be a good bet for this.

Civil War will be a very testing film for Black Widow for a number of reasons; firstly after leading the new Avengers with cap, she sees them fall apart not long after and not to mention having to fight her team mates and best friends, most notably Hawkeye.

Her arc may yet be one of the more interesting ones to watch throughout the film but it’s difficult to predict what will happen from here.

As for her future, it’s likely we’ll see Widow step back from the MCU for the time being before a likely appearance in at least one Avengers: Infinity War films.

Col. James Rhodes/War Machine

It was no surprise that Rhodey chose to side with his old friend Tony Stark in this matter, what with their past and him being a government man himself.

Even though he became a member of the Avengers at the end of Age of Ultron, there was no question where War Machine’s loyalty lay.

As is the case with most ensemble superhero films now, there’s usually rumours of at least one character dying and War Machine appears to have picked this up for Civil War. Rhodey’s death is unlikely due to the fact it wouldn’t really achieve much in the long run, like if it were Steve or Tony.

Saying that, they could easily fit something in the film where this situation does happen but War Machine is just starting to come into his own in the MCU so it would be a disappointment to see something like that happen.

It’s likely we will see War Machine sometime again in Phase 3, with the highest probability being an appearance in at least one of the Infinity War films.

T’Challa/Black Panther

Civil War marks the debut of one of Marvel’s most beloved characters; The Black Panther.Hailing from the fictional country of Wakanda, Africa, Panther is a King to one of the most technologically advanced countries on Earth. Wakanda was briefly visited in Age of Ultron when Ultron is collecting Vibranium.

From what we know so far, T’Challa’s story here will be very personal. We know that he is chasing after Bucky for an unknown reason and most likely found a common ally in Tony Stark.

It’s extremely exciting to finally see Black Panther appear in the MCU and fans have waited a long time to see him come face to face with our veteran heroes. Black Panther’s abilities certainly match that of Captain America’s and it would be correct to place him very near the top of the most powerful heroes in the MCU.

We know that Panther will walk out of Civil War unscathed due to his own solo film set for release in 2018. If portrayed just right, Civil War might just be the start of Black Panther becoming everyone’s favourite new Avenger.


After his explosive entrance in last year’s Age of Ultron, fans have been pining to see more of the Vision ever since.

Arguably the most powerful of the Avengers, the Vision will be instrumental to this fight. However, as an android living and fighting in the real world, Vision is still learning what it is like to be and act around humans. This progression could be key in his decision to side with Tony in this fight, a matter that will more than likely be looked at in greater detail during the film.

His relationship with Scarlet Witch will also be looked closely at by fans, due to the romantic involvement in the comics. That should be an interesting arc as these two will be facing off against each other one on one.

As for his future, it’s a high probability that we will see the Vision again in Phase Three. Whether or not this will be before Infinity War is hard to predict but with a Mind Gem giving him his power, he’ll be a key player when Infinity War does come around.

And finally… Spider-Man

When Marvel and Sony announced last year that Spider-Man would be joining the MCU, Marvel fans everywhere rejoiced.

After the disappointing Amazing Spider-Man reboots, Marvel secured the rights to allow the web slinger into their shared universe, starting with Captain America: Civil War.

We know that his role will be small but still long enough that we’re given a good glimpse of our new Spidey.

Marvel have confirmed that it is a 16 year old Peter Parker, still in High School which will give the character a whole new dimension never seen before in film. The other two Spider-Man franchises have seen our hero exit school quickly and out into the real world but what made Spider-Man so popular and relatable in the comics was how young he was and how that affected him as a superhero.

We’ve learned that his reasons for joining team Iron Man are deeply personal and this will be very interesting to see in more detail as the film goes on. Peter was central to the Civil War comic story when he revealed his secret identity with Team Iron Man and then subsequently switching sides to Cap’s team.

It’s unlikely his involvement will surround anything that major in his first MCU appearance but his decision to join Tony could have a big affect on the outcome.

With his solo film coming in June 2017, fans will be gearing up to welcome home one of Marvel’s most beloved characters to the world of The Avengers.

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