Can Tyler The Creator and Odd Future save music?

Posted on 24 March 2011
By Matt Barden
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If you haven’t heard of Odd Future or their ring leader Tyler the Creator yet, you must be held captive in a darkened room. But don’t worry their names will soon be tripping off your tongue.

The LA-based collective, made up of rappers, producers, skaters, graffiti artists, have fine-tuned their angst-fuelled, in your face music over nine free to download albums (

Tyler has recently set the Net on fire with his intense video Yonkers, the first single from his forthcoming solo release, Goblin, which is set to drop in May on XL records.

Hip hop heads and learned ears will be able to detect the inspiration of early 90s Horrorcore RZA-led rap supremos The Gravediggaz.

Beneath the upside down crucifixes, rape fantasies, hangings and general desire to piss on all comers (I’ll crash that fucking aeroplane that the faggot nigga BOB is in/and stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn oesophagus), lies the most exciting voice in rap, and possibly music, for a very long time.

Lyrically Tyler is raw, angry and hell bent on causing a rap ruckus. The result of twenty years of listening to carefully constructed, pretty but talentless, cash cows grace the radio waves. Tyler has thrown down the gauntlet to the music industry.

Or rather snuck up behind them, donning a black balaclava, pressed a blade to the windpipe and whispered that he’s here, crew in tow, to take over their sinking ship.

The lyrics are designed to grab your attention and compared to say Bieber or Taylor Swift, would make Eli Roth wince.

But aside from the shock tactics he might just be the most intriguing voice in music since Eminem burst onto the scene screaming ‘My Name Is.’

The group are not without their critics, their songs and videos have come under fire, but we as a passive audience maybe to blame for creating the Creator.

With years of talent shows, reality TV and Twilight movies, something had to give. Odd Future are just the voice of a generation forced to grow up admid the brain-rotting drivel we call popular culture.

Apart from rapping Tyler also produces, is the creative director of the group and directs his own videos.

The talent is there and Odd Future look set to storm the tower, and in true rock ‘n’ roll meets hip hop attitude… genuinely not give a fuck.

Music may just need saving (check out our Rebecca Black article if you don’t believe us) and the job seems to have fallen to a 20-year-old, middle class kid with ADHD and he looks born to do it.

Your comments on Tyler The Creator and Odd Future’s chances on their music to save music below please…

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Goblin is set to drop on May 10, on XL Recordings