Bored to Death preview – UK Premiere Monday 28th March

Posted on 26 March 2011
By Matt Barden
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Making its UK premiere on Sky Atlantic this Monday, Bored to Death blends crime noir with comedy and has amassed a cult following across the pond.

Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore and Scott Pilgrim Vs the World) stars as Jonathan Ames, a struggling, neurotic writer. With his career floundering and his love life stagnant he offers his services as an unlicensed private detective via Craigslist.

With no idea how to solve cases Jonathan enlists the help of occasional boss and media magnate, George Christopher (played brilliantly by a silver haired Ted Danson) and best friend/comic book artist Ray (The Hangover’s Zach Galifianakis).

The interplay between the three leads is where most of the shows charm lies. Their chemistry on screen comes across as natural and it becomes very easy to root for the luckless trio as they devise hair brained schemes and try to succeed under the shadow of NY City.

Danson has been singled out for praise in the media for his scene stealing role, but as he said recently, ‘When you’re 63, smoking dope and chasing women, it’s easy to steal a scene.’

Bored to Death is an intelligent parody of film noir, the dialogue is dense at times but always amusing and it blends the funny side of both New York high and low culture to great effect.

Time seems to move very slowly on the show, do not expect a fast paced ride around Times Square or Manhattan, instead it’s a meandering stroll through the city’s more offbeat locations.

Written by real life author Jonathan Ames and based on his short story about his fantasy of becoming a PI, the show is steeped in literary references but keeps its light hearted appeal.

Danson will have you flashbacking to his Cheer’s days every time he opens his mouth and by episode two it’ll feel like you’re just goofing around, smoking a bit of pot and drinking cheap white wine with three crazy ass friends.

One thing’s for sure you won’t ever feel bored to death.

Bored to Death premieres on Sky Atlantic, Monday 28th March, 10pm