Book Review: A D Garrett – Truth Will Out

Posted on 9 November 2016
By Chris High
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There can be no doubting the fact that A D Garrett – the pseudonym of Wirral based author crime Margaret Murphy – has once again delivered the very best that the genre is made of. Tight, tense and terrifically enthralling, Truth Will Out is a joy of a read and then some.

When Julia Myers and her young daughter Lauren are kidnapped from their car, alarm bells are immediately set off due to the similarities between this and a another case Professor Nick Fennimore is more than familiar with.

When it becomes clear that Fennimore is the kidnapper’s target – and when DCI Kate Simms is barred from the ongoing investigation – a chilling race against time ensues, that becomes more than personal for them both.

In A D Garrett what we have is a writer who understands that detail, accuracy and pace need not be unfamiliar bedfellows. Truth Will Out could have easily become something of a lecture in forensics. However, what ensues a brilliantly proportioned, intensely atmospheric journey through the minds not only of the disturbed but of those who try to prevent them carrying out their worst deeds.

Added to this is the dusk-like darkness that casts shadows across the board where necessary, which is lifted by degrees in some of the most invigorating dialogue around and so enhances the tempo of all that comes about.

It also helps that the development of Fennimore and his relationship with Simms is a visual living thing here, as we can now warm to them both in a way that may well have been difficult in both Everyone Lies and Believe No One, their two previous adventures together.

Brilliantly delivered, superbly crafted and eternally enticing, Truth Will Out is a master class in suspense that deserves to be lauded from the very highest of peaks.

A D Garrett
Truth Will Out
Hardcover: 400 pages
Publisher: Corsair
ISBN-10: 147215097X
ISBN-13: 978-1472150974
3rd November, 2016

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