Bold Street Coffee – Liverpool’s new caffeine and creative centre

Posted on 5 July 2010
By Amy Roberts
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Wide-eyed coffee aficionados across Liverpool are exchanging excitable accolades of love regarding the blends, beans and buzz at Bold Street Coffee.

The caffeine hub boasts and roasts an impressive array of incredibly sustainable, directly-traded single origin filter coffees, catering for any taste.

Their menu adds an intrinsic insight for each, describing flavours the in-experienced coffee drinker may not associate with a hot brew: such as peaches, apricots, lemon meringue, and even popping candy.

Subtle they may be, but the flavours flow with every sip and these fine filters are persuading regulars to trade their supermarket bought Fair Trade granules, for a bag of one of the bad boys behind the counter.

But, those with more extravagant tastes should also put faith in Bold Street Coffee’s exquisite, built to order espresso machine.

Featuring mechanics designed especially for retaining total precision and control over the flavour and freshness of the coffee produced.

Cue deep, delicious lattes that haven’t been scorched with overheated milk, smooth, flavour-rich cappuccinos and the most distinctly satisfying americano we’ve tasted for a long time.

Alongside the plethora of outstanding coffee credentials is a menu of locally sourced food, designed to compliment the coffee.

A regularly changing selection of simple, yet generously-filled sandwiches, featuring lavish versions of lunch time classics, salads, tarts, quiches, and a treat-worthy breakfast menu.

But the beating heart of the joint is music and a deep sense of community. Pop in any day of the week and you’re sure to find the cream of the city’s musicians and creatives getting their coffee fix.

There is an exhibition of work from local artists, and an eclectic soundtrack ranging from 70’s rock classics, contemporary tunes and the painfully hip and obscure get heavy rotation on the
vinyl player behind the counter.

Our new favourite city centre haunt? Most definitely. Get involved.

Stay tuned to Purple Revolver for an in depth interview with the man behind Bold Street Coffee, Sam Tawil and a feature in the upcoming DIY culture special Uber zine – out mid-July.