Bold Street Coffee birthday celebrations and the secret to brewing success

Posted on 5 May 2011
By Andy Johnson
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Bold Street Coffee believe they have created the blueprint for starting a successful coffee shop and fending off competition from the big three UK chains, beat them with superior roasting knowledge and create a strong customer community.

Owner Sam Tawil said a third wave of artisan coffee shop entrepreneurs are making a big impact on the industry, breaking through to battle the High Street chains with better tasting drinks at better prices.

The independent store has won a faithful following with their passion for coffee service and their barista Luke Byrne-Perkins recently qualified in Britain’s top 10 at the UK Championships in London.

The store at the top of Bold Street, celebrates its first birthday tomorrow and they are inviting new customers to come and test their claim to to ‘making Liverpool’s best coffee.’ All you have to do is pop in and say ‘happy birthday’ to one of the baristas to try a cup.

Bold St Coffee chief Sam Tawil, who confessed to drinking up to eight cups a day, said: “I believe you can always learn more about coffee.

“It’s an exciting time to be working in the speciality coffee trade, with many third wave artisan baristas sharing new methods on many different blogs.

“We make lots of cups to taste every day, trying to get the best out of the espresso with different brewing methods. I drink between 5-8 cups per day and it keeps me on my toes.

“When we were setting up the store, I was taking my coffee books to bed, so you could say I’m obsessed.

“It’s satisfying when customers ask why our coffee is so good. We source our beans from amazing farms around the world, paying a good whack for it and it is prepared by one of the best roasters in the world.

“The store’s golden rule is to thoroughly clean our machine three times a day, after the breakfast rush, after the lunch rush and at the end of the day. Also we grind all our coffees ‘on demand,’ so every shot is as fresh as it could be.

“We are a truly independent business, everything is produced in house from our brand artwork to the food and we want to support local initiatives with a similar passion, like featuring artwork from customers.

“During these tough times, people have connected with this Do It Yourself attitude and we have won custom from the major chains – with people telling us they prefer our coffee.”

Sam and the Bold Street Coffee baristas invite you to join the birthday celebrations tomorrow – where you can see an exhibition of photographs of their first year.

You can pick up a free coffee voucher/invite in store, or if you know a regular they have been given special invites to the birthday bash, starting at 7.30pm with music and food to go with a cuppa your favourite hot joe.

So don’t forget to pop in and wish Bold Street Coffee and its barista team happy birthday tomorrow.