Black Lips use human skull to record new album

Posted on 26 April 2010
By Pierce King
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Black Lips are hoping to summon demons on their new record by using an antique human skull bought on the black market in New York City as an instrument.

They are currently working on their next album in Atlanta and keeping their sound old school by using the skull, which dates from the 19th Century.

Cole Alexander said: “We’ve got a skull for the new album.

“We got the idea from (60’s psych-rockers) The 13th Floor Elevators.

“On some of their songs like ‘You’re Going to Miss Me,’ they actually use a jug as a reverberation chamber.

“So we’re trying to get that same sort of effect, but with a skull it’s actually the sound of being inside a human head.”

“Not to mention the demons that can be called upon, the spirits that can be summoned from using such an instrument,” bassist Jared Swilley added.

The yet untitled album has been tipped for a summer release, but the band reckon a more realistic date will be January 2011.