Black Lips – Bad Kids battle bouncers at Liverpool Sound City

Posted on 21 May 2011
By Andy Johnson
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Black Lips pushed their Beatles on acid psychedelia to new heights and took a stand against the authority of the bouncers during a ruckas declaring ‘Do not fuck with the band.’

Security for the gig in The Masque was on high alert and they had recruited more guards since their last show at Liverpool Sound City.

Always leading a crusade to save crowd surfers from the over-zealous hands of bouncers, Cole Alexander tried to pull a fan back from the clutches of one snarling steward.

He then took it a step further by launching himself into the crowd with guitar for a surf, losing his hat on the journey and was pulled aside by another bouncer on the way back on stage for a word in his ear.

Enraged bassist Jared Swilley led the Atlanta flower punks affront on the burly bouncers, after rushing the guard who had manhandled Cole, he screamed over the mic: “Do not fuck with the band!

“We’re trying to do a show here, you gonna wait for me outside motherfucka? Of course you could bust my ass, you’re like twice my size, but you’re gonna have to do it – don’t just say it.”

Black Lips paid several RIP tributes to wrestling legend Randy Savage, claiming he’d been ‘saved by Jesus’ from the predicted global disaster which was supposed to end life on Earth as we know it last night.

They admitted missing their sound check for a lie in in London and started slowly, as they like to, building the pace and energy of the show.

But Black Lips were certainly in apocalyptic and fighting mood for this gig, with Bad Kids setting the tone and Dirty Hands getting the crowd rocking.

The boys seemed cleaner, with washed hair and a more mature presence since their colaboration with uber-slick producer Mark Ronson on their upcoming album Arabia Mountain.

The early 90s vintage sports look has been replaced with a more polished edge. We’ve not seen the double denim Cole was sporting worn so well since early 80s Liverpool and certainly topped off the ‘tache finely.

But their trademark gritty elements remain vital to the performance. They are pure rock and roll hedonism in motion, spitting on the stage, cutting riffs with their teeth and stopping to exchange snogs between songs.

They finished their set with some new material before telling the crowd that the album had ‘just leaked today’ if they wanted to go seek it out.

We caught up with them by the tour bus, where they had made friends with security again, who were helping them load their gear.

Speaking to Purple Revolver after the gig, lead guitarist Ian Saint Pe was ever so polite in true Southern gentlemanly fashion. He said: “Sorry if the show was a bit chaotic tonight.

“But last time we were late because one of us was arrested in London, so I suppose thats a step up.

“They did bring more security this time didn’t they. Well we were ready for it, you gotta do what you gotta do.”

Black Lips we’re in love and will be on the road to Leeds for your show tomorrow.

Black Lips play Brudenell Social Club Sunday 22 May.

Photos by Craig McConkey – Brightscene Media