Big Fun In The Big Town DVD and soundtrack re-issue unleashed

Posted on 26 September 2012
By Jo Ching
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For the first time in the quarter-decade since its release, classic cult hip-hop documentary Big Fun In The Big Town is finally being released to the public on DVD.

Now, the music inspiring the film is getting its own chance to shine with this special limited release also from Five Day Weekend. The ground-breaking documentary explores the different sides of hip hop’s lineage with depth and precision, and the 10 tracks featured on this soundtrack bring that history to blaring sonic life.

Just as the subjects of Big Fun In The Big Town show hip-hop in its eager, gritty infancy, the music inspiring the film reveals a time where being the reigning ladies man of the scene could still mean living in your grandmother’s basement.

From rapper KRS-One’s declaration of the birthplace of hip-hop in Boogie Down Production’s South Bronx to Mantronix’s party jam Bassline, this album embodies the same potential of hip-hop displayed in the film dynamic, fresh and most importantly, fun.

1. Boogie Down Productions – South Bronx
2. Boogie Down Productions – 9mm Goes Bang
3. Just-Ice – Cold Getting Dumb
4. Just-Ice – Latoya
5. T La Rock – Breaking Bells
6. T La Rock – Back To Burn
7. Skinny Boys – Jockbox
8. Tricky Tee – Leave It To The Drums
9. Mantronix – Bassline