Big Boi wants the quiet life with his pitbulls

Posted on 13 July 2010
By Norman Parker
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Outkast rapper Bib Boi has revealed his secret desire to give up the bright lights of showbiz to live on a farm with his beloved pitbulls.

The Atlanta born wordsmith dabbles in a bit of pitbull breeding on the side already, supplying the stars like Serena Williams, 50 Cent and Usher with pups.

But Big Boi would gladly give it all up for the quiet life on a farm with his dogs. He said: “I want to quit everything and live on a farm with my dogs and maybe a few horses, but the music keeps pulling me back to stitch together that Funk Frankenstein we call Outkast.”

Big Boy, real name Andre Antwon Patton, who has just released his new solo album Sir Luscious Left Foot is keen to promote the positive side of pitbulls.

He said: “They are the best dogs on the planet. They are lovers not fighters.”