Bedroom Ideas for 2017

Posted on 25 May 2017
By Carlton Whitfield
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From décor, to furniture, and all the way to bed linens, 2017 is set to be an amazing year for bedroom design. Stay on trend with our insights into some of this year’s hottest bedroom decor ideas, and transform your boudoir into the relaxing haven you deserve.

Stripped Bare

This trend could be music to the ears of new home owners who are faced with extensive plastering and DIY projects. Forget about treating walls altogether and follow this year’s designs by leaving brickwork bare and walls untreated. Bare brick walls have been popular in past decades in city centre pads, particularly apartments in converted mills and factories. Exposed brick gives your home a New York style apartment ambience, and is set to be one of the biggest comeback trends in the world of interior design. Finish the look with colourful, framed splashes of paint on canvas for a truly contemporary look.

Be a Bed Head

One of the things people need to get into their heads is the importance of sleeping in the right bed. Design is of course crucial, as nobody wants to flop into a bed they don’t like the look of, but the most important element when purchasing a new bed, is that is going to allow you a good night’s sleep. Think about the type of mattress you need – will a foam mattress give you the comfort you require, or is a sprung mattress the better option for you? Will the mattress need to suit both you and your partner or will you have the luxury of only considering your own needs as you relish the comfort of a king-size bed all to yourself.? Once you have established what type of mattress you require, you can then consider what designs will ensure your bedroom remains stylish and contemporary. This year is the year of the headboard, and no bedroom should be seen without an eye-catching headboard. Online retailer, Bedstar currently features headboards that are definitely in keeping with this year’s must-have bedroom accessories. Their Giltedge beds padded headboard range exudes opulence, and as Bedstar currently provides next day delivery, you won’t have to wait to kit out your bedroom with the latest styles.

A Spiritual Awakening

The Hindu and Buddhist symbol of the Mandala is associated with spirituality, which is perhaps why designers are now using it to adorn linens and rugs for our homes. The intricate design of the Mandala is delightful to gaze upon, and it is small wonder that people this is one of the designs featuring so prolifically in bedrooms this year. The Mandala is a symbolic reflection of the universe, and is circular with ornate patterns drawn both inside it and around the circumference. You can find them on throws, duvet covers, rugs, and curtains, but you only need one or two items to enjoy the aesthetic effect. Don’t be tempted to saturate the bedroom with the design, as this will only make the room feel and look busy, as opposed to the relaxing environment a bedroom should be.