Beatles historians believe Lennon LSD stash has been unearthed

Posted on 19 April 2010
By Pierce King
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Beatles historians reckon a stash of LSD, hidden by John Lennon in his Surrey mansion more than 40 years ago has been unearthed by builders.

Builders digging up the lawn of his Stockbroker-belt pile Kenwood in Weybridge, came across the remains of a leather holdall containing several large broken glass bottles.

Legend has it that John buried a large quantity of the drug in the garden in 1967 when The Beatles declared they had given up drugs in favour of transcendental meditation.

But when the band returned from India John decided he’d been a bit hasty, tried to dig it up, but never managed to find it.

Now fans are convinced these bottles contained the missing treasure – though they will never know for sure as the one bottle found intact had a cracked cork, so it was empty.