Batman Zero Year Scott Snyder reveals what you can expect this year

Posted on 23 January 2014
By James McAllister
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In a recent interview American Vampire writer Scott Snyder revealed that things are going to get crazy for Gotham’s vigilante in Zero Year.

Currently in the middle of writing the final arc for the story the Batman writer said:

“It’s gonna really surprise people, I think, to see the city so savage and crazy, almost the survivalist Batman you got a glimpse of in the first pages of Zero Year.”

Snyder has revealed that fans will get a sneak peak of what to expect in the runs intermission issue #28 before the Riddler turns Gotham truly post-apocalyptic.

He said: “Instead of going back to the present and showing you what’s happening to Batman right now, we’re actually going to jump six months in the future from right now and say, “Guess what’s coming in 2014 in Batman? Take a look at what we’re doing with some of your favorite characters in the Bat mythology.”

According to Snyder DC were uncomfortable with revealing so much of the Batman story line ahead of time. But, in response Snyder said: “”No, we have to show how crazy this is going to get.”

“We’re getting towards the end behind the scenes, and I can tell you the best parts of it are definitely, definitely coming, and the best surprises.”

Batman #27 was released in stores this and delves into the deepest darkest psyche of the Bat.