Barley & Beans brings Freakshake craze to Liverpool

Posted on 20 June 2016
By Khyle Deen
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Barley & Beans is set to take the city by storm with its debut of the epic ‘Freakshake’ craze.

The quirky Hatton Garden coffee bar and lounge has brought the global phenomenon to Liverpool with the introduction of its wacky calorific ‘monster milkshakes’.

Combining ice cream, chocolate bars and even entire cakes, the sugary sensations originate from the Aussie capital Canberra and have quickly become an internet sensation.

Director Nick Strauss said: “We are proud to announce that Freakshakes have now landed in Liverpool. True to their Australian roots, our mega milkshakes are packed with sweet treats that would rival even Willy Wonka’s imagination.

“As a craze that has almost ‘broke the internet’ so to say, Freakshakes are all about mixing classic desserts with chocolate, sweets and anything sugary. Being the only place in Liverpool to serve Freakshakes, we hope to alleviate the public’s cravings and hours spent drooling over the shakes on social media and allow them to finally give in to their inner child.”

Monster mash-ups include Nutella Brownie, Peanut Butter and Banana, Salted Caramel and Strawberry Shortcake, all of which are topped with lashings of cream, cakes, biscuits and chocolate.

Nick added: “Whether people want something a little more indulgent during their lunch break or are looking to top off their dinner with the newest dessert on the block, our Freakshakes will no doubt become a firm favourite.

“As part of our new additions we will soon be adding Hardshakes to our ever-expanding menu, which will offer the same concept with the added bonus of tipple. Ideal for after-hour celebrations, Hardshakes will add a new dimension to traditional boozy milkshakes – watch this space!”

Freakshakes are available now and priced at £5 each.

Barley & Beans is open Tuesday-Thursday 9:30am-8pm, Friday-Saturday 9:30am-9pm and Sunday 9:30am-8pm.

For more information visit or call 0151 227 2472.