Banksy strikes in Primrose Hill pub

Posted on 11 June 2010
By Martin Higgins
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The enigmatic street artist Banksy has appeared overnight in a traditional London pub and fashioned a new artwork on the inner wall, much to the delight of the landlords!

The identity of the artist remains a mystery still to this day, which is no small feat considering the huge media interest in his profile. Yet grainy CCTV footage has been released which apparently captures the aloof artist at work, paint canister in hand.

The Princess of Wales pub in Primrose Hill is the site of the latest guerrilla style art work and shows a Muriel of a lion confronting and young girl with a heart shaped balloon. Above this reads the words “Run For Your Lives”, which has been daubed over a gilded mirror.

Experts say the work has all the signature touches of an authentic Banksy. However, the man himself has yet to confirm whether this tag is one of his own, and so it remains a source of great debate. His protective team at Pest Control remain tight-lipped with no statement.

The landlords of the boozer, Karen and Lawrence Santi, were originally furious with the graffiti the morning it was discovered and were on the verge of painting over it. That is until they informed who the alleged artist was.

Genuine Banksy’s are known to carry huge prices into auction, and generate huge interest, with celebrity suitors include the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

His name alone is worth thousands of pounds to any location and he draw punters in from all over the world, so reserve your place at the bar. It is likely this crime is one that will not be erased in a hurry.