Angel Comedy Club are opening their new Islington venue The Bill Murray

Posted on 21 November 2016
By Khyle Deen
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A crowdfunding campaign set up by a group of comedians successfully raised £46,000, to open a comedy pub, which will be called The Bill Murray in tribute to the Saturday Night Live legend.

The decision was made by Angel Comedy Club to find a new place to call home once they had outgrown their small room above the Camden Head boozer.

It was at that point that they approached the landlord of the old Mucky Pup in Queen’s Head Street off Essex Road, luckily the landlord agreed to sell them the lease, in the end, declining a gastropub chain in favour of the Angel Comedy Club.

The Bill Murray – named after the comedy hero – open its doors for the first time this week. Club director Dec Munro told how the name was chosen.

He said: “We thought about a few and felt that he’s someone a huge amount of people love,” he said. “We’re also the London home of Second City which is where he started out so it felt like that might be cool, and his spirit seems like one the pub would be lucky to encapsulate.”

The Second City refers to the improv comedy enterprise that Bill Murray was involved in, leading him to be a staple of Saturday Night Live and star in such classics as Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day.

Regarding the move, club has assured customers that they’ll still hold events at the Camden Head, and will host free events seven nights a week at both venues.

The club are very much looking forward to launching The Bill Murray and hope it’ll be a huge success.

Be sure to check out The Bill Murray, you can find more details on The Angel Comedy Club’s Facebook page here or visit their website