Aldo the Band ROCK the Mailchimp Stage at Sound City

Posted on 4 June 2016
By Stacey Dutton
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There is no better feeling than approaching a stage and seeing a band set up and preparing their crowd for the chaos they are about to witness.

The Mailchimp Stage was just starting to filter the crowd back in for the next band in the warm up, when Aldo the Band grace the stage and capture the audience from the get go.

The Brazilian band, currently on a European tour, started the set with some uber honest indie vibes but managed to electrify the crowd with its Techno sounding beats combined.

The Band’s Frontman had such an intense but exhilarating way of expressing his music, that the crowd took on his contagious dance moves and fist pumping as their own and it began to be an empowering experience.

One song performed was Primate from their album Giant Flea which had, in particular, a group of guys head bopping in unison to its quirky, repetitive beat with bursts of rock thrown in.

During there set, one of the brothers of the band decided to rip his shirt off in the best way imaginable while the festival goers went crazy cheering them on and laughing along with the band, while he exposed a 1984 tattoo on his chest in a gorilla-esque fashion.

With a band name, which they announced mid performance, had come from an uncle the guys were fond of and grew up with who led them to Las Vegas Style, unpredictable nights on the town in their younger years the guys became very quickly a hit with the ever growing flux of people.

Their down to earth stage presence, exceptional charm during their performance and uplifting tunes including another track from their album Liquid Metal, had people stopping in their tracks to join the audience cheering the Chemical Brothers sounding bouncy beats, to the point that they were loving the crowds reactions and revelling in the moment thrusting their guitar wielding arms up in complete oar.

The set ended with the entire tent going wild and giving them some well deserved gratification.

Rest assured, Liverpool without doubt loved this band with many of the crowd running and tackling them after performing, which was an amazing scene to encounter.