Affairs at The Jacaranda (inc. interview)

Posted on 4 May 2017
By Gabriel Jaloszynski
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Affairs, doom pop formation forged by ex Hull university students with strong ambitions to reach the top played a gig at Liverpool’s Jacaranda bar in order to celebrate being long listed for the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition.

Although the small venue didn’t allow for a large crowd, it managed to create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere, allowing the audience to fully appreciate the music they were presented with.

Despite early technical issues, Affairs managed to pull it off with a mix of well- timed coordination and light-hearted comments made by band performers.

To finish off the gig the lead singer, Jim Robinson performed a one on one dance off with a member of the audience adding to the entertainment value of the performance.

The five-man group has attracted attention of acclaimed indie record label ‘Fierce Panda’, known for working with artists such as Coldplay and Supergrass, resulting in their latest single ‘’Life of Leisure received strong support from BBC 6music, Radio X and Clash Magazine.

Cooperation with the label also lead to the band supporting artists such as The Crookes Dog is Dead and the 1975.

You can check out more on Affairs on their website ( Purple Revolver also managed to get an exclusive interview with Affair’s guitarist, Liam Grindell:

PR: How did the band start?

LG: We started when a few like-minded people wanted to try and write some music that was slightly against the grain of what was been pumped out around us. A few of us where studying at Hull Uni and were usually at most of the gigs put on in the city.

LG: We felt that there was a gap and we tried to plug in with AFFAIRS. We wanted to be different and have more synths and weird angular guitar bits going on. To be honest we have blossomed a bit since then and can probably say that what we tried to do was perhaps a little too self-indulgent at times but helped us narrow down on to what bits we wanted to keep.

PR: What’s behind the name (or why AFFAIRS)?

LG: We were after something that didn’t really give the game away from the name alone. I think when we started you could you pretty much gather what a band was going to sound like purely from the name, logo or font which is far too simple for us. Think the name holds a lot of ambiguity and scope to sound like whatever we want to sound like from record to record.

PR: What is the general message you’re trying to amplify to your fans?

LG: To dance like there’s no one else in the room. Do what the hell you want to do and do it well.

PR: Could you tell us more about the Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition?

LG: We were thrilled this year to be put forward for the long-list on the Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition. It’s great to get recognized at this stage in our career and to be that one step close to performing at one of the greatest festivals on the planet. Watch this space for next year.

PR: What has been your favourite gig so far?

LG: Obviously this question can change from month to month depending on how wild a show has been. So far, I would have to say our sold out headline show in Manchester at the start of April is way up there. We hate to see it, but the venue had to start turning people away as it was just so rammed. People were literally crammed in screaming the lyrics back at us.

LG: Those are the moments when it doesn’t become a band performing to crowd of people, but what happens in that room belongs to everyone. Always a good end to a set when your frontman just vanishes from the stage in a crowd of people only to then sing the final song supported in the air by fans.

PR: Achievement you’re most proud of as a band?

LG: We have covered a lot of ground achievement-wise over the years. I think for us we can usually be quite negative when it comes to what we have achieved as we always want to better ourselves and push for even bigger things. Selling out shows is when the pride kicks in to be honest with you. Knowing that people want to be there and share their night with you is what makes it all worthwhile. We have also had quite a lot of support from 6 Music and Radio X over the years. It is great to know that some real taste makers are behind you in what you do.

PR: What is your favourite band memory?

LG: This one may vary amongst the 5 of us, but personally my favourite moment (Liam/Guitar & vocals) was the first show when everything felt like it had clicked into place. We were playing a show down in Hull at Früit supporting Dog is Dead.

LG: At the time this was a home town crowd for us and everyone loved it. Seeing people clawing their way over the barriers at the front of the stage to get themselves closer was like wow, maybe we have something here. If that’s not enough to spare a band on I don’t know what it is.

PR: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

LG: Too put it simply I hope that we can just keep doing what we love doing and that people still care enough to turn up to the shows. We definitely would not turn our nose up at a few sold out headline tours of Europe and the US though. As long as we are making our fans happy I can see the shows getting much bigger, better and more crafted. For now though readers, you’ll have to come check us out to see what we are all about.