Action figure photography showcase – WandaVision kitchen clash on Valentine’s Day

Posted on 14 February 2021
By Khyle Deen
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Love is in the air, it’s Valentine’s Day and we’re showing some love for some cool action figure photography, courtesy of artist Simon Hill.

Simon has a love of action figures (hands up if you like them too) *Raises both hands*, and he’s created a series of brilliant, which feature Marvels Wanda & Vision, from the hit MCU Disney+ show WandaVision, engaging in a bit of a lover’s quarrel.

We reached out to Simon for a sneak peek behind the scenes at how he put this detailed set up together, to bring a spark of joy to these striking pictures.

Simon said: “Toy photography is a big part of my daily life. I’m always looking for new inspiration and some new displays of action figure art.

“Recently, I’ve been hooked on the new Disney+ WandaVision series, and it can be difficult to try and make social media posts without spoiling parts of the series for those that may not have seen what’s happening in the show, so sometimes you have to twist things up a little.

“With this shot, I’ve got Wanda (the Scarlet Witch) and Vision having a husband and wife spat. In this shot, we see Vision moving through through solid matter.

“I had the idea of seeing what it’d be like to show them having an argument in the kitchen, with Vision’s head appearing through the freezer door, in a reference to the popsicle quote.

“For this specific shot, I’ve used the Scarlet Witch and Vision figures, the comic book versions by Hasbro Marvel Legends.

“The kitchen dio is from the Millers Palisades and all of my work is fully tangible and this one was shot with a Nikon d5600 with no edits.”

We’d like to thank Simon for giving us a bit of insight into this great shot, for more of Simon’s work, check out his Instagram @plastic_snaps.