ACBA image of the week: The Ultimates – Hulk vs Giantman

Posted on 19 July 2015
By Khyle Deen
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Here at Purple Revolver, we’re huge comic fans, so we’re going to be sharing the ACBA, (Articulated Comic Book Art), image of the week, each week we will be posting one image that those of us in the ACBA community love.

For those of you who may not know, ACBA is when you recreate a scene or shot from a comic or movie using action figures from the respective scene.

The great thing about these Articulated Comic Book Art recreations is that they’re all tangible shots, taken using no Photoshop at all, simply differently scaled action figures.

This week’s image was made by Justin Cavazos and depicts Hulk vs Giantman as seen in The Ultimates, check it out above.

When asked abut his inspiration for the image, Justin had the following to say:

“I got inspired by reading The Ultimates and seeing Hulk vs Giantman battling it out, and wanted to recreate something similar. I’m also a really huge Tokusatsu fan like Godzilla and Ultraman so I’m always wanting to do large scale type miniature shots, so I was super happy once I got the opportunity to do this with the Marvel Legends Giantman.”

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