ACBA image of the week: Star Wars Stormtroopers

Posted on 7 December 2015
By Khyle Deen
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In just a couple of short weeks, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be out in cinemas worldwide, the force will be strong as everyone will be rushing to see the heavily anticipated sci-fi sequel.

To mark this occasion a little early, this week’s ACBA image of the week, we’ve chosen one based on Star Wars featuring Stormtroopers. The shot comes to us from one of the people behind the official ACBA online channels, brilliant stuff guaranteed!

Boog is the person at the helm of this week’s image, we reached out to him for a BTS on the image and this is what he had to say:

“I’m a big Star Wars fan, at least as far as the regular mainstream movies go. Haven’t really explored the expanded universe, (no pun intended) or any of animated shows or video games. I honestly don’t know what’s cannon and what isn’t with all the additional content out there. But I had just had my own personal Star Wars marathon, I re-watched episodes 1-6 when I decided to set up some shots.”

“I had also just purchased the Han in Stormtrooper gear Hasbro Black Series figure and was doing a bunch of Star Wars A.C.B.A. That’s pretty much what inspired the shot. It was a rather simple set up but I really did like the way it came out with the lighting and shadowing. It was a simple two light set up in my light box with one small dio piece as Han’s backdrop. I really like how the rivets on the dio show up.”

“That was a piece made by the late Ogun Ryu who was also a huge Star Wars buff. The shot received a positive reception in the A.C.B.A. Facebook group but more people seemed to enjoy in on Instagram. Most likely people stoked for release of The Force Awakens, pretty much anything Star Wars is on fire right now… ”

We love the effort and detail that goes into these shots, it’s a really strong community that’s always growing, we’re happy to be involved and showcase some great talent each week here at Purple Revolver.

You can check out more of Boog’s work on social media, his YouTube page is: and his Instagram is @boog_acba

A big thanks to Boog and ACBA for letting us feature this image, and a huge thanks to you for reading.

Until next time, may the force be with you.