ACBA image of the week: Star Wars and Star Trek

Posted on 20 September 2015
By Khyle Deen
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It’s Sunday which means once again, it is time for our ACBA image of the week.

This week’s image comes from John Joestar, it’s an interesting one because as you can see, it features the Startroopers of Star Wars conducting a bit of a of a beatdown….

So what was John’s inspiration for creating this cool bit of articulated comic book art?

“The original idea was supposed to be a single revoltech Stormtrooper playing with one of those Star Wars Micro Machines that were recently released.”

“I headed out to pick up one of the packs, but as I continued shopping I happened upon a Hot Wheels Enterprise and decided use that instead, playing on how JJ Abrams worked on the newer Star Trek movies and is now doing Force Awakens.”

“Cool enough, instead of having one shot, it turned into a full 4-panel sequence, and the ending shot using the rest of my revoltech Troopers is what it all resulted in.”

You can see the full sequence on his Tumblr blog at the following link:

We’d like to thank John for letting us use his image this week.

If you’d like to check out more of John’s excellent art, you can follow his Tumblr through the link above, and check out his Instagram page @raspberrychainsaw

He can also be heard on SoundCloud as he’s featured on the podcast Plastic Curves along with a cool group of toy collectors at this link:

For those with iTunes:

Once again, thank you to John.

Thanks to you for reading and checking us out as always.

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