ACBA image of the week: Lord of The Rings

Posted on 17 April 2016
By Khyle Deen
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We’re back with another ACBA image of the week,

This week’s shot comes to us from Aldo Nelbert.

It was his entry into the ACBA Test Your Might Challenge, we love this shot and we hope you do too.

We reached out to Aldo to find out a bit of the inspiration behind this shot. This is what he had to say:

“This image is my entry for the ACBA Test Your Might Challenge: Resurrection… I didn’t got the slot however. But I’m still happy of what I’ve put up.”

“The image is an imaginary scene, and is not based on any part of the Lord of The Rings books or the films. I just wanted to toy with the idea of Aragorn being chased by a wraith riding on a fell beast.”

“I am really an outdoor type of person, that’s why most of my contributions to ACBA are shots that were taken outside. I love to scout for feasible outdoor locations and see what they would look like in scale with the figures that I use for the shoot.”

“Though I can do basic lighting techniques in a room, nothing really beats natural lighting. That’s why I love to shoot outside. Being a correspondent photo journalist for a local newspaper here at home, I get to travel a lot, and usually in this trips i bring along some of my toys and find them a good spot.”

This is the first time we’ve featured an artist that primarily shoots outside and in nature, this is definitely a fascinating take on ACBA and we love it.

Huge thanks to Aldo for letting us feature his shot and lifting the lid on the inspiration behind the shot.

You can follow Aldo on Instagram @aldonelbert

Thanks for reading!