ACBA image of the week: Electro vs Spider-Man

Posted on 18 October 2015
By Khyle Deen
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It’s Sunday once again, we’re past the half-way point of October, the year is flashing by!

Time for our ACBA image of the week.

This week’s image comes from Joseph Blakes aka Pharaoh Black. It features the classic rivalry that is Electro vs Spider-Man, one for the ages some might say.

We reached out to Joseph on what inspired this image, here’s what he had to say.

“For those that may not know, the figures used are Toy Biz boxed set Electro, the Hasbro Hobgoblin Wave Spider-Man, and the yellow Tamashii lightning effects. The background is a repainted TMNT sewer lair play set.”

“I was inspired to do a shot featuring Electro vs Spider-Man for several reasons. One being that, Electro is a rarely used figure. You don’t see too many pics of him, and he and Spidey have been foes for as long as I can remember, so it felt good to revisit a classic rivalry. Two, I had just received the Tamashii lightning effects, so breaking out my electro figure was a no brainer.”

“I know the shot looks pretty simple, but it was no where near simple. I had to use several led tap lights under the electric effects, and to balance them on top of the lights with Spidey entangled in them took almost two hours.”

“I almost gave up, but I wanted to make the shot happen so bad that I just couldn’t quit. In the end, I came out with a set up and a pic that I was really happy with.”

We’d like to thank Pharaoh Black for staying persistent with this ace shot! We’d also like to thank him for letting us use this brilliant image. If you’d like to check out more cool images like this one, you can follow Pharaoh Black on Instagram: @pharaoh_black

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy the week ahead and we’ll be back with another image next time!

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