ACBA image of the week: Deadpool and Power Rangers Zeo

Posted on 29 November 2015
By Khyle Deen
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This Sunday our ACBA image of the week is a cool little knowing nod to the art form itself, featuring everybody’s favourite Merc with a Mouth Deadpool taking a portrait of the Power Rangers.

This week’s image comes to us from Jan Ile Ng. A regular contributor in the dynamic ACBA community, he got the inspiration to use Anti-Hero Deadpool, as the photographer following a previous shoot with Spider-Man.

We reached out to Jan for a behind the scenes look on this awesome image and how it all came together, the following is what he had to say:

“In this picture we have Deadpool snapping photos of some action figures (Power Rangers Zeo) with a simple backdrop, a nod to ACBA’s Simple Sunday! I was inspired to take this photo to represent the hobby of toy photography after receiving very nice feedback from fellow ACBA people for a recent photo I did.”

“In February this year, I actually did a photo inspired by a popular comic book cover for Spider-Man: Brand New Day (Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #546). I received numerous feedback from it, some praising me for the attempt, while others pointed out several glaring flaws, namely my really poorly-made “camera” for Spider-Man. That made me realize; I’m not satisfied with my own work; I should not lie to myself. After that photo, I promised myself to revisit the shot eventually. This month, I happened to find a good camera accessory for my Spider-Man figure, and I retook the shot. During this second attempt, I was better prepared for it, as I’ve been learning many new techniques and innovative methods for toy photography (majority thanks to ACBA). And the end result was truly satisfying; even the people in ACBA appreciated my effort at giving this another go!”

“It made me realize how much I love toy photography as a hobby. When I first started out, I felt disheartened when some photos that I thought were well done received criticism from other ACBA members when I shared them in ACBA. But I realized that these were positive and forms of constructive criticism, so instead of feeling sad for myself, I learnt to take these criticism in my stride and work to improve myself. Even the harshest of comments bear some truth and lesson in them. It’s because of all these feedback, along with the inspiration drawn from the many amazing toy photos in ACBA, I am able to push myself and work towards being a better toy photographer, even today.”

“In ACBA, I get to let my creativity flow and express my ideas through my action figures, doing so aside fellow toy photographers who will cheer me on, push me to improve and also appreciate my efforts. This love I have for toy photography and ACBA right here, is what inspired me to do this photo of Deadpool. Instead of the usual dynamic, story-telling photos we see and snap, I wanted to capture the scene that many of us toy photographers could relate to: grinding hard at our hobby! And who better to do so than our favorite Merc with a Mouth!”

We’ve featured the Spider-Man shots mentioned by Jan here too so you can gage Jan’s progress as an ACBA artist, it’s quite interesting to see the level of dedication that people put into forms of art such as this.

If you liked this shot and would like to see more of Jan’s work, you can follow him on Instagram @jan_says_meow.

We’d like to give a big thanks to Jan for letting us feature his image, and also to all of you for reading, until next time, Goodbye!