ACBA image of the week: DC Comics’ Batman

Posted on 9 August 2015
By Khyle Deen
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It’s been a strong week, let’s end it with another ACBA image.

This week, it’s an image taken from the iconic story that of DC Comics’ Caped Crusader, Batman. This image is the famous shot, the tragic moment of a young Bruce Wayne witnessing is parents’ deaths. A sad moment, one that changed Bruce Wayne’s life forever.

Who’s responsible for this week’s image?, Bob Joint of RJ3 Photography.

He had the following to say on the inspiration for this iconic recreation:

“I’m a huge Minimate collector. (Some of my best work is with them), I’ve wanted Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum to get the DC license back for so long, probably won’t see any comic related items, but I’ll take these for the show for sure! As a HUGE Batman fan, this was such an historical/tragic event in Bruce’s life.”

“The opportunity never arose for me to adapt it to my style of photography. I got the SDCC exclusive two pack from a buddy of mine… and I knew exactly what i was going to do from the get-go. The shot has evaded me for years, and I think it was well worth the wait.”

If you’d like to see more art from Bob Joint and RJ3 Photography, you can check him out:


Twitter: @BobJoint814

Instgram: @BobJoint

Thanks again to Bob for this cool image.

Thanks to you for reading, we’ll be back again next week with another great ACBA image of the week.