ACBA image of the week: Black Panther & Klaw

Posted on 22 February 2016
By Khyle Deen
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So it’s time for our ACBA image of the week once again.

This week, we have Al Chang providing the artwork featuring Black Panther & Klaw.

We reached out to Al for a behind the scenes on the cool shot, this is what he had to say:

“The photo is focused more on Klaw than it is on Black Panther, Klaw has such a huge role in T’Challas life, he killed his father. When I posted it on the ACBA page, the caption read,”I’ll end you like I did you father, BOY!”

“It’s just a little comic book history/reference for those that don’t read comics much. It’s not taken directly from the pages but loosely based on the history of the two characters.”

“That’s what makes ACBA such a great medium for comic book fans like myself. I can recreate or bring to life what I think would be cool or interesting and relevant within the Marvel Universe.

Plus with all the new Marvel Legends on the way, I thought I’d show a rarely used figure some shine. Thank you for the feature Purple Revolver, very much appreciate the love.”

Big shout and thanks to Al Chang on letting us feature his shot and you can follow him for more of his great work on Instagram @toisoldierphotography

Thanks for reading!