A YouTube rabbit hole – Len Enders

Posted on 13 November 2020
By Dana Andersen
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If you’ve been finding YouTube a bit stale and uninteresting lately, Len Enders is the channel to reignite any love you once had for the platform.

He has to be one of the most fascinating, engaging and binge watch worthy creators on youtube.

Perhaps it’s because many of his videos aren’t technically YouTube videos, despite having been uploaded to the site, or maybe it’s because he’s a little more mature than the websites average demographic.

Whatever it is, Len Enders has a channel that you can fall into for hours.

From the age of 15, Len began documenting his life on video.

Everything from days at school and adventures with friends, to being evicted from his home and having the police called, is featured on his channel.

So, what makes this so different from the average vlogger?

Len’s videos predominately were filmed from the mid 80’s, all the way through to the mid 2010’s, and although it was certainly unintentional at the time, they’re all definitely aesthetically pleasing for the modern viewer.

His videos may follow what has become a standard ‘vlog’ format, but 80’s thrash fan Len was well ahead of his time while filming them.

Even his room tour videos from across the years are reminiscent of what teens the same age are doing now, although there is a distinct lack of strange lighting, scrawled graffiti and slayer posters these days.

Over the four years since he started uploading videos from his VHS based archive, Len has found more and more ways to add interest and information to his videos, most recently by filming new ones of himself now, explaining the madness we see in the decades of his life gone by.

He’s also followed requests from fans, leading him to reunite with friends from the original videos to return to their favourite teen hang out spots.

Home videos of the past aren’t difficult to find, but seeing a mullet wearing metal head living his 80’s life, only to be immediately faced by his respectable modern counter part explaining how dumb he was to do things like hanging upside down in a tree 150 foot from the floor, or buying a piranha rather than paying rent, is a unique and fascinating method of both documenting his own life, and also creating something new.

With such a personality based channel, its lucky Len is instantly likeable, both in his slightly obnoxious teen form, and now.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of Len’s channel is how well it feels the viewer gets to know him. YouTube is a platform where we only see what the creators want us to see, and although this still applies to Len, it automatically feels like you ‘know’ someone better when you’ve been able to virtually watch them grow up.

For those who grew up in the same era, it must be a great throw back and way to reminisce, while for his younger audience its a great insight and visual experience of what it was like to be a teenager in days gone by.

With Len’s vast collection of VHS tapes documenting his life, and many of his personal items of the time having been kept in storage, we’re sure to continue receiving fantastic content from him for plenty of time to come yet.