A YouTube rabbit hole – Jessie Cave

Posted on 10 November 2020
By Dana Andersen
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Finding new content on youtube seems to be becoming increasingly difficult, so you may not have yet found Jessie Cave’s wonderfully weird channel.

You’ll recognise her as Lavender Brown from the Harry Potter series, but she’s moved on from acting to become a talented comedian, and she shares snippets of her comedy irregularly on youtube.

Her lack of an upload schedule is likely the reason she has less than 20,000 subscribers, and though it does mean you won’t see her in your subscription box too often, her channel is chock full of content spanning from almost a full decade ago and onwards.

Beginning with short sketches, she’s naturally funny and incredibly quirky. For the Harry Potter fans still among us, there are plenty of familiar faces featured in her early videos, as well as a few magical locations.

Most recently, Jessie’s channel has taken a step to be much more of a vlog based channel, although she’s unlike any other on the platform.

In her vlogs she talks honestly and openly about a range of subjects, including motherhood, relationships, creativity and mental health.

Her almost startling honesty could easily put some people off, but for others it’s refreshing and comforting, and Jessie has been able to utilise that for her videos, comedy, and her visual art, turning them into creations that mean a lot emotionally, both to her and her fans.

Although Jessie does often vanish from youtube, she’s been uploading with more frequency recently, including ‘self-isolating sisters’ vlogs with her younger sister Bebe, and a podcast, again with her sister.

The podcast ’We Can’t Talk About That Right Now’ has been her most recent series of uploads, and some of the best content ever posted on the channel.

In it, the two sisters open their souls and talk about all matter of things most people find embarrassing to talk about, despite them being things we all do or experience, but they manage to do it in a way that is funny and charming, rather than feeling like you’re sitting in on someones therapy session.

For some people Jessie may well be off putting and come across as very strange, which she is able to recognise, but for the right person she holds a reliability and confidence in her weirdness that leads you down the rabbit hold into watching the hours of content on her channel.