5 great places to buy vinyl records in Liverpool

Posted on 28 October 2015
By Michael Jones
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With the resurgence in vinyl hitting new heights here is a handy guide for those people new to the city and looking to spend their student loans in independent record shops.

1) Probe Records

Probe Records is THE Liverpool record shop with its legendary status cemented in the heart of all Liverpudlian music lovers. Established in 1971 the shop stocks new and rare vinyl LPs and singles, CDs and T-shirts. You may even spot local musicians having a look about at any given moment.

The shop is situated on School Lane in the City Centre.

2) Jacaranda Records

Situated on Slater Street, Jacaranda Records is a fairly new venture but what it lacks in years it more than makes up for in style and substance. The records are upstairs from the main ‘Jac’ bar and its fitting that one of The Beatles old haunts is now home to a record shop. As well as new and old vinyl you can have a beer or a coffee and sit in one of the booths which has its own record player and listen to some music while you decide what to buy.

They even sell cake!

3) Dig Vinyls

Dig Vinyl is up next and can be found in the basement of the clothes shop Soho, at 80 Bold Street. A good range of second hand vinyl and repressings is on offer here with friendly staff and good deals to be had. Another relative new comer, the shop is going from strength to strength.

4) The Musical Box

The Musical Box is the only record shop featured which is not in the city centre. Situated at 457 West Derby Road in Tuebrook which is a short bus or bike journey away. It was opened in 1947 and has been run by the same family ever since.

Generations of music lovers have passed through its doors and you should too.

5) Oxfam

Last but not least is Oxfam on Bold Street. Obviously not strictly a record shop they often have a good selection of records on offer. This shop also has the added bonus of knowing that your money is going towards a good cause too. Its also worth remembering that Liverpool City Centre has a lot of charity shops all of which usually stock second hand vinyl of some sort. The British Heart Foundation, further down Bold St on the same side as Oxfam is a good starting place.

One of the best things about vinyl collecting is getting out there and searching for your next great find. Then you find yourself upgrading your turntable with quality accessories like Jico stylus and Nagaoka cartridge for your vinyl collections. Happy Digging!