4 YouTube Rabbit Holes to get Lost Down

Posted on 7 April 2020
By Dana Andersen
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Youtube is a magical place, there’s something for everyone on there. Best of all, theres an absolute wealth of creepy channels, filled with mysteries for their viewers to attempt to solve. If you want something creepy, or think of yourself as an internet detective, here are four channels you need to check out.


Dad is more odd than creepy, with unsettling music, basic language, and a main character that looks absolutely dead inside, Dad is currently one of the most mysterious youtube channels out there. Perhaps Dad and his family are aliens, or placed onto youtube by Google, but no one really knows yet, so get onto this one while its still unfolding!

I am Sophie

If you want to be genuinely scared, I am Sophie is the one for you. Theres a fair bit to catch up on, but that just gives you more to sink your teeth into before you get up to the kidnaps, murders and monsters! This one also contains some great youtube/rich people satire that can’t be missed.

Echo Rose

Though this is an older one, its a great rabbit hole to fall into. Echo Rose is comedy laced with mystery, about an ‘empath’, Echo Rose moves from New York City to a small town, and commence the oddities. Its creepy, funny, sometimes a little annoying, but always interesting.

Daisy Brown

Looking for something more creative? Daisy Brown is a sweet young girl, living with her father, a genetics and DNA scientist. One day however, her father creates a monster named Alan, a paper mache puppet monstrosity, and gives him to Daisy to look after. It takes some suspension of disbelief, but once you manage that this is a truly horrifying web series with a satisfying conclusion.