How to write a paper if you have no writing talent?

Posted on 18 July 2017
By Carlton Whitfield
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How to write a paper if you have no ideas or time? Read the article to see how to pick up the right topic, grab the reader’s attention, play with words, avoid wordiness and typical mistakes in the text.

How to write a paper if you have no writing talent?

If you get the task to write an essay or a simple story and you have no ideas where to start or what to write at all, you’re at the right place. We will give you some great tips on how to make your mind generate at least a few ideas. You will stop hating your writing tasks after you complete at least one of them. So don’t be obsessed about your negative attitude to it. Just take the steps that we provide below and you will finish the writing task in short time. Just start doing it.

Pick up a controversial topic

Boring topics don’t motivate anyone to write something about them or even read the story until the end. If you see that you have something dull or uninteresting for you, ask your professor or teacher to change the topic. If it’s impossible, take another look at the topic and try to find the aspects that you like. It can be anything that you feel comfortable with. If you can choose another topic, try to pick up the one that is controversial. It means there are different views on it. For example, the problem of taking drugs or abortion. There are a lot of argues about these issues.

Try to state the topic of the paper as a question that you will answer in the text. It’s the easiest way to get a few sentences in mind about what to include into your text. If you have any problems with choosing the right topic, you can ask pro writers from They have written hundreds of essays for the last few years, so you can trust them for 100%. Making a choice of the right topic is not a task that you can do in a few seconds, it requires time and efforts, so do your best to get the best topic for your paper or essay.

Grab reader’s attention

If you think that writing a term paper is a very boring task and no one will ever read your paper, you’re wrong. And it’s you who can make this boring routine turn into a fun experience. Your goal is to make the reader get interested in what you want to say. If you’re writing about the harmful impact of smoking on kids, provide a few sad examples of such activity to evoke deep feelings of the readers. Make them think over your paper and consider different arguments for or against your statements even if you’re describing some chemical tests.

If you are describing the manners of a character from a novel, express your opinion and use it at the beginning of the text to grab the reader’s attention and evoke the interest to read all the paragraphs of the text. You will only need to find reliable evidence for every argument or opinion that you state. And the evidence should be taken only from primary or secondary resources, so FB posts or articles from popular magazines won’t fit.

Avoid wordiness

The worst thing for the reader is to read something like “my own personal opinion about this matter…”. Try to avoid unnecessary words in the text if the sense of it doesn’t change as a result. The more words you write about nothing the less scores you will get for your work. If you aim at creating high-quality texts in the future, you have to learn how to reduce wateriness in your text. When you write a text, take a look at every paragraph at first and ask yourself “So what?”. If your answer sounds ok, you can leave this piece of writing.

The next step will be looking at separate sentences. If the sentence contains some useful information, you can leave it. If it’ too general, it’s better to delete it. And the final step will be removing unnecessary words. Don’t be afraid to remove too much. It’s better to write less but it will be a highly informative paper. Don’t let yourself be lazy. Start preparing the text in advance, so you will have enough time for rewriting it and adding new words.

Play with words

Using metaphors in the essay or in any other type of the paper depends on the rules that your professor has given to you. If you are allowed to use any style and any language, it will be great to play with the words. You can write down the phrase that can have a double meaning and that will evoke a high interest of the reader to find out what it really means. You can use metaphors for comparing different facts from life that will make the reader compare your words with some situations from the readers’ lives.

You can write the text on behalf of a character from a novel or a movie if it’s somehow connected with the topic you’re writing about. You will become a kind of an actor for a while and you will represent your arguments and proofs as you are that person. You can finish every paragraph of the text with one and the same word. Or you can do the same at the beginning of the paragraphs. If you lack ideas, look at the texts of other students and find the elements of wordplay that you like.

Deal with mistakes

This is the last step of your text writing task, so make sure you have enough time for working on it. Once you finish writing the text, it’s good to have a few days of rest. This will help your mind forget the text and recognize the mistakes, if there are any. You can try using the software for correcting grammar and spelling errors, but we don’t advise you to rely on it for 100%. You will definitely need to proofread the text for at least three times after such checks to make sure everything’s ok.